Case Study: Palmerston North Girls High School

Cleaner, cheaper and more functional – What more could a principal ask for?

Karene Biggs, principal of Palmerston North Girls’ High School phoned BOS Cleaning Supplies to provide external expertise to advise on improvements in the cleaning department.

An audit of the school cleaning department was undertaken and together, with BOS expertise we made the following improvements:

  • In partnership with the school drew up a set of cleaning schedules
  • Held discussions regarding hours allocated to clean the school
  • Streamlined all cleaning cupboards with a smaller range of chemicals, complete with dosing systems.
  • Trained staff in the latest and most effective ways to clean.
  • Did chemical safety training to cover the school for health and safety requirements.
  • Supplied wall charts, chemical safety sheets, correct labelling of bottles, to help comply with health and safety.

Forming a partnership with BOS Cleaning supplies gave PN Girls High School :

  • A 23 % saving on their cleaning supplies budget in the first year and thereafter
  • Significant saving on labour costs
  • A better, more functional cleaning department
  • An overall increase in the cleanliness of the school

23% saving on cleaning supply costs, large saving on labour budget, a higher level of cleanliness, this is what you could achieve if you form a partnership with BOS cleaning supplies.

When I became Principal of PN Girls High School, I enlisted the help of BOS Cleaning Supplies to advise us on managing our cleaning department. With their expert advice, great products and superior systems we were able to lift the cleaning department to a much higher standard and in the first year achieve large savings on our labour costs, as well as a 23 % saving in our cleaning supplies budget.

Karene Biggs, Principal- PN Girls High School